Campground Massacre
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After 20 years, the haunted attraction you have known on Gold Hill Rd. in Fort Mill, is no longer known as

We thank you graciously for 20 years of entertaining you! It was hard work and great fun! It was a pleasure to entertain you for so long. It was a dream come true!

2013 was the last season at 940 Gold Hill Rd. in Fort Mill SC as The Campground Massacre. We, the owners, have parted ways. I, Sheila "Mina" Trigg, creator, designer, manager and actor of The Campground Massacre, own the rights and the Trademark for the name and business under The Campground Massacre. It was my baby! I truly hope you enjoyed it over the years. Satisfying your need to scream with one of the best Halloween Haunted Attractions around was always my ultimate goal with The Campground Massacre and I hope you enjoyed every season.

Don't fret completely though... if you have been one of our cherished and "biggest" fans over the years...

the "remains" of The Massacre haunt will be re-opening, this October 2014, for it's 1st YEAR as "The Campground Nightmare". They will be starting out with the props and set designs from The Campground Massacre's many years of development since 1994
. You can find details for the new haunt at or by calling 1-866-SLASHER.

At this time, I have no idea if The Campground Massacre will be resurrected again in the future in another form and in another location,

but in the meantime...

I hope you will enjoy The Campground Nightmare for years to come. Hopefully they will continue to perform and serve you with the high standards of safety and quality with which I held in it's predecessor, The Campground Massacre.

Farewell For Now,

"I'll see you in your dreams..."

Sheila "Mina" Trigg


UPDATED 09/14/14

"The Campground Massacre" is owned and Trade Marked by Sheila Trigg 2012. Copyrighted 1994.