Campground Massacre
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Welcome To The Campground Massacre

After 19 years,

though sadly,

We thank you graciously for 19 years of entertaining you! It was great fun, hard work and we (I) will miss you!

2013 was the last season at 940 Gold Hill Rd. in Fort Mill SC as The Campground Massacre. I was not there for the last few seasons, since 2011. WE, The owners have divorced and I, Sheila "Mina" Trigg, the owner, creator, designer, manager and actor (Mina) of The Campground Massacre, own the rights and the Trademark for the name and business under The Campground Massacre. It is a matter of principle for me because I wanted The Campground Massacre to go out with a good name in the business as I had done my best to establish it as a good quality haunt, it was my baby. I truly hope you enjoyed it over the years. Pleasing you with one of the best Halloween Haunted Attractions for your money was always my goal.

I may (or may not) open a new location elsewhere. I am thinking about it, but it is definitely not going to happen this season. If I eventually decide to give it a go again, it would likely be in the beach area as that is where I have moved.

Don't fret completely though if you have been one of our cherished "biggest" fans over the years! Or, if you are a newbie that has just heard about it...Good News! John Trigg, III (my ex), also a previous designer, builder, and the original, and long time, "Michael" character of The Campground Massacre (the largest one), intends to open the haunt with a new name this 2014 season at the same location. They will not legally be able to mention The Campground Massacre on their new website.


The haunt will be opening this year under the name "The Campground Nightmare" and the new web page is .

They will still have the props and set designs from The Campground Massacre's many years of development since 1994, so you will still be able to experience that much of the previous Campground Massacre, at the very least. I expect there will be and hope they will continue to make annual changes as usual.

I sincerely hope you enjoy The Campground Nightmare for years to come!

It just isn't feasible to try to move it all. So, if and when I open The Campground Massacre again at a new location, it will be all new!

Have a great haunting season this October 2014! Mina misses you! and so do I of course.

"I'll see you in your dreams..."

Sheila (Mina) Trigg

P.S. ...and as always...HAPPY HAUNTING this season! (no caps)

UPDATED 08/30/14

"The Campground Massacre" is owned and Trade Marked by Sheila Trigg 2012. Copyrighted 1994.

(Applicable changes to website will occur soon)